Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's Manage Our Stress.


Most of my friends are currently staying at hostels, as well as me. Staying at a hostel can be stressful. But, you can actually help yourself prepare and manage the stress by doing chores. :)

'What chores?'

Look around! See that full laundry basket? Now, go settle your laundry. See that broom? Now, go sweep the floor. See that dirty toilets and shower rooms? Assemble some of your friends and now, go clean the toilet together.

When you have finished doing your chores, you will definitely feel so relieved. It is as if the weights on your shoulders have been lifted. And remember, what's important, pray to Allah s.w.t that He will help you in managing your stress. Remember, every action, if we do it because of Allah s.w.t, insyaAllah, His barakah and redha will be on our way!



kalau stres, then nak joging keliling kuantan boleh? HAHA.

eqin said...

oo..berkenan sgt dgn entri ni..boley buat menantu ni..hehehe