Monday, August 15, 2011

Something You Feel Deep Down.

'Can love be nurtured?'

Hmm, I have always thought that love is a feeling which comes just like that. Yeah, just like that. I thought that, you just cannot force yourself to feel it. But somehow, lately, I have been pondering a lot about the above statement. And I have come to an unbiased (I think) conclusion.

'It all depends on fate.'

Don't you think so? It all really depends on fate. If you were meant to fall in love with someone the very first time you meet him or her, you will. If you were meant to hate someone first, and only then, that you feel the love towards the person slowly, thus you will. See, everyone has their own love stories. And each of us will go through different journeys in finding the one and only.


izza razali said...

:D well said hanan


yeah, love cannot be forced. i do agree with that.

eqin said...

stuju sangat =)