Friday, August 19, 2011

Worried Much.


It is scheduled that I will be sitting for my MUET examination in November. That simply means I have 3 months to prepare everything. I don't know why, but seriously, I am worried so much about it. The problem is, I am not practicing that much. And I really feel that my English, in terms of speaking, is getting worse. And I certainly don't like this. Frankly speaking, to me, even though I am surrounded by TESL-ian friends here, but, I don't feel that the environment here is encouraging enough for us to speak in English. I have much of the guts to speak in English, but somehow, can you just imagine, living in a place where you will be called as snobbish when you try to speak in English? And yeah surprisingly, we're TESL-ians, and I don't know why some of us still have that lame and so uncool mentality.

I have a few of TESL-ian friends here who are very positive in this matter. They are so willing to try to speak in English like everywhere and anytime. Congratulations to those who have this very cool attitude.

To those who are still being negative, please change, if it is not for the sake of the people around you, please do it for yourself. Because like seriously, your negativity ain't bring you nowhere.

TESL-ians, let us all speak in English. Please.


hana sudradjat said...

all the best in your MUET hanan!

hmm,yeah some poeple are just still trapped in the opinion which when we speak english,we are considered as snob. -.-

izza razali said...

i was once in your position and it aint gonna be easy but hey,
i know you and i know you are that good.
just a little practice
a little patience
and a gigantic amount of POSITIVITY
it will all be good
insya Allah :)

Anonymous said...

those lame and so uncool people are not teslian. they came over just to study, get some degree, and move on to whatever they want.

just ignore these people. whats important is that YOU practice your english daily. why worried for something thats not even worth to be worry? its not like they'll be doing your speaking test right?