Sunday, December 25, 2011

I am Making Sure.

Assalamualaikum. Hello again. Yeah, it's been a while since I last posted here. Life has been busy. Well, not that busy actually, but the fact that the WiFi connection at UiTM Kuantan does not reach my room, yeah, I hadn't had the time to blog. At a second thought, maybe yes, I've been busy. Been busy with meetings and if I had free time, I would allocate the time to do my obligations as a student - homework, assignments, etc. And so today, I am at my cousin's workplace in Subang Jaya. I can use the internet and yeah, just now I took some of my time to update myself with Blogger, reading blogs that I follow.

Anyways, approximately 4 weeks ago, I went to UiTM Shah Alam for the Vice Chancellor's Debate Cup. It was tiring but I gained a lot of knowledge there. I was in the English Debate team. My teammates were Jainah and Aifa! Oh my, I can really say that three of us really make a good team! We managed to break into the quarter finals. We didn't make it to the semis though. But still it was an achievement for me as during my high school years, even though I went to several debate cups, but my team never broke to quarter finals. So yeah, I am happy for that. :)

For this semester (which is the last semester for my foundation), one of the courses is Language and Drama. And I really love this course. It's like PE, but you'll experience more fun learning this course. Hee :p

Well, sometimes I really feel that I am slacking. Like seriously, I don't know why I am feeling like this. I seriously don't want to be in comfort zone since if I don't manage to maintain my GPA, I am so gonna be screwed. I'll be disappointed with myself. So disappointed. Therefore, I have to be dynamic, and keep up the momentum. HAVE TO!

I finished reading Nemesis by Philip Roth and I had high expectations on it but it turned out be that it's just there. I mean, it did not reach my expectations. And now I am currently reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I did not put much expectations on it when I bought it. But right now, even though I haven't finished reading it, I really like the concept of the story. :)

I think I like someone. I like him so bad. But, I pray that if we're meant to be together, then we'd meet and straight away he will 'pinang' me and we'll get married! Haha! And yeay, we will taste love which is halal. Hee.


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uuuuuuu. hanan crushed on somenone... omjayyyy. hikhok.