Sunday, October 2, 2011

Someone, Help Me.


My MUET speaking test will be on this coming 13th October. It's really, really near. And I am freaking worried. I am jealous of my friends who are taking speaking classes right now. Some are doing formal preparation, perhaps some are taking classes at the British Council, but whatever. And I am here at home, being a couch potato.

No, no, I am not blaming my parents for not sending me for preparation classes. Certainly not blaming them. I am just worried. That's it. Yeah, I know I have my family members to practice with. But perhaps, having formal preparation may be different. I don't know how diff it can be, but, it may be different even a little bit.

Hmm, so, now what? What should I do? Lemme tell you a pathetic plan of mine. I really wanna have a buddy that is willing to practice with me like everyday. Through Skype. Yeah, coz I really don't have credits right now. Errr, anyone interested? -.-


littledolphin said...

i'm so shy to skype.I'M REALLY sorry.i'd love to help but i'm shy.Kalau chat bolehlah. but video call?i'm supershy. T.T

maybe u can skype with alyaa. :)

hey what's your skype id?

littledolphin said...

we should skype often.i mean,chat. :D

Joanna R. said...

hanan! goodluck! i know u can do it! u dont need all those classes. hehehe


i'm interested! hik3. but i don't have ur skype id.