Saturday, September 17, 2011

Those Little Things.

They gazed at the stars. The sky was deep blue. The sound of the crickets seemed to blend in with the calm breeze of the night. There, sat a girl and a boy. They were only 15 cms from each other.

"I like white shirts with minimal patterns," said the boy. The girl stared at him. Then, the boy continued, "I love white chocolate,". This time, the girl's eyes were scrutinising the boy's face. The boy remained calm and continued, "I love the smell of ointments and balms, because they make me feel comfortable,". The girl smiled, and she slowly moved nearer towards the boy. They stared at each other's eyes. There was a feeling, as if the eyes were telling something. Something so special and deep.

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izza razali said...

that littlest and most unimportant conversation,but is impacting us big