Monday, May 2, 2011

Family Nicknames.


Well, I got a request from an anon on Formspring, asking me to do an entry about the nicknames of my family members. So, Encik/Cik Anonymous, this is for you.

So, PAPALI is our Papa. Why 'Papali' ? When we all (my siblings and I) were little kids, we used to have sleep overs at our aunt's. My father's name is Mohamad Zulkipli, so, the 'Li' at the end of his name was kind of combined with 'Papa'. It was all my aunt's idea. We even thought everyone else calls their father 'Papali' back then you know. We're sort of used to calling him Papali then, until now.

We call our mother, Umi, that's normal. :)

So, next, is Koko Tarique. Okay, Koko Tarique is my brother. My eldest brother. His name is Mohamad Tarique ( Tarique is pronounced as Toriq). So, I guess you've been wondering why we put 'Koko' at the front of his nickname huh? :D
Well, 'Koko' actually means 'big brother' in Hokkien. We're trained since little by our Umi, to call our eldest brother, 'Koko Tarique', as a sign of respect to him being the first one in the siblings.

Then, my Che Che Ain. She's my big sister. Her name is Ain Nuryaqin. 'Che che' means 'sister' in Hokkien. :)

And Heidi, my little sister. Her name is Nur Hidayah. Hmm, she got that nickname, Heidi, because she used to like the cartoon, entitled, 'Heidi', so much. Our Umi did train us to call her 'Mei Mei' which means 'little sister' in Hokkien, but we call her Heidi until now. -.-

Lastly, Junior, the youngest in our family. His name is Muhammad Khalique (Khalique is pronounced as Khaliq). This one's quite simple. Since he's the youngest, so, we call him Junior. :)

So, if you wonder why we have Hokkien terms in our nicknames, it's utterly from our Umi. She's a Hokkien. :D



hana sudradjat said...

cool xD

Neeza T. said...

interesting gila ouh!

Fauzan,Hidayah said...

from hidayah.

bess entry ny.
sronok bce.
but wait!hanan x letak pon nickname hanan.
do tell ya dear.;)