Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tak Sedar Diri.

I am slacking so much these days. I don't read much of my books. I just finished reading Anne Frank which I  was supposed to finish like months ago! I want to start reading Never Let Me Go again, but I haven't started yet because I left the afterword section of Anne Frank untouched and unread.It makes me feel guilty to flip the pages of a new book without really finishing the previous book I read. I am getting lazier day by day. I sleep a lot. And I tweet craps all day long, every single day. I complain a lot. I always feel grumpy. I feel that I am so whiny these days. I have crappy mood swings and I don't understand them at all sometimes. I need fresh air.

I seek for inspirations but I am so blind. Inspirations are everywhere. I am so blind. I realized I need to be more independent. I mean, I just turned 19 like 3 days ago. I know I need changes for myself. Changes towards the betterment.

Anyway, happy belated birthday to myself.

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