Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Quiet Now.

I still remember how I always wanted to have the wau as my token when all of us played Monopoly Malaysian Edition. We had our same favourite picks as our tokens every time we played Monopoly. We would stay up until it was very late, just to finish the game. Usually, Koko would always win the game. I would always be the one who gave up the earliest in the game due to sleepiness. We enjoyed Monopoly so much we played it almost every night during the school holidays. I remember I was always the one who managed to buy Gurney Drive or Jalan Wong Ah Fook. My little sis, Hidayah would always be the first one who would ran out of money. Ain, my eldest sis, always managed to buy the most expensive properties, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya or the KLIA. Khalique, our youngest brother, did not always have the chance to play Monopoly with us because he was too small and when we allowed him to play, we would be so scared that he would make a mess out of all the tokens and fake pieces of notes. But regardless, he was there with us most of the times we played Monopoly.

Other than Monopoly, I remember clearly how serious we were when trying to find out who killed Mr. Boddy every time we played Cluedo. Did the suspect use the revolver or the knife? In which room was Mr. Boddy killed? We would carefully jot down every suggestion made by each of us in rough papers or old notebooks because all of us were so keen to be the winner.I can say that Ain and Tarique were always the ones who would find out who killed Mr. Boddy. When we played Cluedo, I would always be Miss Scarlet or Mrs. Peacock. Heidi was always Mrs. White or Colonel Mustard. And again, Khalique, he would always be with us to watch us play Cluedo. 

When we were lazy to play board games, we would play UNO cards, UNO Stacko, Snap, or Happy Family. And when we felt hyper, we would play Twister. We always took turns when it comes to playing the computer. We played The Sims together and the girls in our siblings would always argue with my eldest brother when he refused to tell us the game cheats.The whole house would be filled with our loud laughter. And when we fought or argued with each other, the whole house would be filled with shouts and cries. 

The house is quiet now. So quiet. 

Those things are kinda funny and tear-jerking now when I reminisce them. I miss those moments I had with the four of you. Now, I am having my long long holiday without the four of you at home. It is hard now to find a time where the five of us would be at home. I wanna spend more quality time together. 

I miss us.

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