Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Most Beautiful.

I am so captivated of how beautiful love is. It is amazing how we can love different people with different degrees. And when the love towards someone is very deep, the beauty of it, is just so unexplainable. The beauty of love itself is already very deep. It is amazing how most of the times, we shed our tears because of love. It is amazing how most of the times, we can't sleep at night because of love. It is amazing that because of love, sometimes people are driven to do crazy things. It amazes me that love keeps us go on with life everyday. I am astounded when I see two people who are madly in love. The mutual feelings that they both have for each other are so beautiful. For the greatness of a mother's love, I am grateful that I feel it from my mother and I am a lady and one day I will experience being a mother too. I am grateful that I have discovered how mysterious and deep a father's love is. I never thought I would miss my siblings so much when all of us are far away from home. I never thought I could love my close friends so much. It is so weird that these days, I always have the thoughts of how beautiful the love between Jason and Orked and it always makes me feel like crying.

And I am such a hopeless romantic.

For love is amazingly beautiful, it astounds me so much. 

I feel grateful Allah s.w.t created love. And truly His love is the greatest thing of all.

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