Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nadi di Kuantan.


In college, you will be often required to do assignments in groups. Having great group members, to me, is crucial. When working in groups, people have to have that spirit of teamwork. I heard many stories about students in college complaining about their group members. And the worst is, some students claim that group work equals to flying solo because they have so many crises with their group members. And this is all due to the lack of teamwork among some students. Astaghfirullahhalazim.

Well, yeah, I already finished my first semester in Kuantan. And so far, I really was and still am grateful that all my group members are so cooperative. Seriously. We never felt pressure when we worked together. Each of us handled our tasks professionally. And for that, I really am thankful for them. They helped me a lot. Alhamdulillah! I really hope that I will have them as my group mates for my next semester in Kuantan. Plus, next semester is the last semester, so, I really need them to be my group mates.

Anyway, I'd love to show to my blog readers the pics of my group mates!

Farah Nini

Nik Syahirah

Nur Inani

Nur Azimah

Fatin Jabar

I know right! They're all so lovely! I love them! <3

p/s Pictures are randomly arranged, not according to favourites.

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- ARiF - said...

about nik,, is she taken? ;P
jst kidding.
kt uitm kuantan rpenye ko..
wht course are u taking?