Monday, July 18, 2011



Today is the third day at home. I haven't done any of my assignments. Except for the assignment for my College Reading Skills, my teammates and I have done our entries before holiday. And so now, I have 3 assignments left which are, Malaysian Studies, Islamic Studies, and Computer Literacy. And I have 2 journal entries to be done for my College Writing Skills. And and an essay also for College Writing Skills. But, tonight, since I am so lazy, I decided to only search for information for my assignments. For Malaysian Studies, I guess I have ample information already. As for Computer Literacy, I have to make a 5-minute-video of anything and that's it! :D But, for Islamic Studies, unfortunately, I don't think the information I have found is adequate enough. :/ So, I think I have to work on that one a bit more.

I am thinking of making a how-to video for my Computer Literacy assignment. And I am planning to show steps on how to make an easy, hand-made, pop-up card. What say you?

I am sometimes so worried. :(
But, never mind, I think for the time being, I have to put that worry aside and focus, focus, and FOCUS.
One time, I'll find myself in the UK. InsyaAllah.

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