Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eksploitasi Wanita.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Have you ever wondered why we, women, are chasing so much of temporary things? Have you done things or bought so many redundant stuff which only give you temporary satisfaction? Still wondering what I am mentioning about? Okay, let me give you an example. Easy, myself. I have done things and bought stuff that I thought would make me prettier, more satisfied, hey wait, more satisfied? Who was I trying to satisfy and impress? Boys? My enemies? Or just friends?

Why impress people with such things (e.g. accessories, eye catching or aurat exposing outfits, noisy heels and etc. ) when we can actually represent ourselves in modesty? When we look modest, we are at the same time representing our religion, Islam, in a very good way. Wanna look fashionable? Be fashionable but remember, your perfect attire is the one which whenever or wherever you go, will always enable you to perform your solah with that very attire. Indeed that is the best way to cover your aurat. Fellow sisters, this is a reminder for you and also for me, think, are we exploited? I was myself, a victim of this exploitation.

"Wahai Asma', sesungguhnya seorang perempuan apabila sampai umar Haid, tidak boleh dilihat daripadanya melainkan ini dan ini, lalu baginda mengisyaratkan ke Muka dan dua tapak tangan."

Hadith ini diriwayatkan dari 'A-isyah r.'anha. Al-Albani di dalam Soheh Abi Daud menSOHEHkannya."


Jazakallahu khairan khatira..

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