Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Emptiness.

I love how it feels to lie on fresh covers of linens on the bed,
I love to be in a static position, staring at the ceiling,
I love putting my favourite songs on play,
I love how they put me in such feelings,
I love how they remind me of those moments, those special moments,
I love the way I feel my heart skips fast when I run my fingers on my chest,
Though much of them had hurt and killed, I still love those little things.

24th April 2011


ALyaa said...

bole jd author :)
kte co-write ok?

Nurhanan Kamalia said...

thanks so much. well, i'd love us to cooperate together al. :)

mr.winter said...

oit2.. da tag dlm my new post.. try la join k..sok last..!!1

Neeza T. said...

sedih gila hanan these words

Nurhanan Kamalia said...

hmm, yup, truly from my heart. :'(

umiopal said...

love to fun to read...though i run my fingers thru my hairs....felt so fresh free...