Sunday, April 3, 2011



In the midst of having enthusiasm and excitement, I am very freaking scared actually. Seriously, I am so scared of messing up in the interview. Please, please, I don't want it to happen. I always have my family to practise with since we talk with each other in English quite usually too, but somehow, I need to improve at some parts of my speech. Yeah, I need to be the best of myself.

And and I appreciate anyone to give constructive comments to me of how I can improve my speaking skills.
And if you happen to be my friend and you are used to hearing or listening to me speaking in English, you can always tell me where and what I should fix okay. I would much appreciate your comments. :)


Neeza T. said...

aku interview hari tu pun not so good weh
boleh je english
but when it comes to real interview
gagap tak taw nak ckp apaaaa

Nurhanan Kamalia said...

tu la pasal, aku dulu kat maktab takpe ada miss fini nak practise2, sekarang aku memang cakap ngan family aku but i talk like a bitch haha

Ahmad Tongkeng said...

so how did the interview went?

Nurhanan Kamalia said...

well, interview belum lagi hehe

Ahmad Tongkeng said...

heee nanti interview good luck eh u!

Nurhanan Kamalia said...

oh thanks so much dear :D